The end of “mouse” in Windows 7

The world’s largest software company in the world is trying to replace the ageold input device. It is none other than the “Mouse”. In a recent conference the architect of Microsoft Bill Gates signalled that his company is developing a system that could spell an end the use of Mouse. After going through the recent touch screen computer Microsoft Surface. I think Bill is incredibily fascinated about the iPhone released by Apple and he wants to bring the same futures in to the computer. The Surface explores the  various possibilities that we can do with the Surface computing. I strongly recommend my viewers of this blog to go to the above link and experience the surface computer…..

and post your responses

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2 Responses to The end of “mouse” in Windows 7

  1. Kranthi says:

    Surface…..Awesome invention by Microsoft…
    Thanks for the article……

  2. borgy says:

    correct your link of Microsoft Surface !

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