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Retrieving BinaryData from SQL Server 2008

Today in  my current project we are supposed to build an image from  Binary data stored in a SQL Server column. AS we know SQL Server allows us to store BLOB (Binary Large Objects) data. Here in our case the situation … Continue reading

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Resolving the concurrency conflicts in LINQ using Transactions

As we were discussing concurrency options in my previous articles here , we noted that updating the database with SubmitChanges could update a single record or any number of records (even across multiple tables). If we run into conflicts, we … Continue reading

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Handling Concurrency in LINQ to SQL -Part 3

In my earlier articles I showed how we can handle the concurrency using UpdateCheck. In this articles I will show how to deal with Concurrency Exceptions. In using the Always or WhenChanged options for UpdateCheck, it is inevitable that two users … Continue reading

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.NET Framework CLR Internals

I recently came across this webcast by Jeffrey Ritcher. He is one of  my famous authors in the CLR Category. His book “CLR via C#” gives you a true indsight into the internals of what happens when you write a … Continue reading

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Handling Concurrency in LINQ to SQL -Part 2

In my earlier article here I showed you how to reproduce the concurreny issues in LINQ to SQL. In this article and in the subsequent articles I will write more about how to resolve the conflicts arising out of these … Continue reading

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