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Table valued parameters in SQL Server 2008

In this article I will demonstrate how we can ultilise the new feature called table valued parameters in SQL Server 2008. These are great addition to the SQL sever 2008 that allows us to pass multiple rows of data to the stored procedure. … Continue reading

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When will our policy makers think like this?

I recently came across an article written by Thomas L. Friedman, a Newyork Times Editor and the author of books like “The World is Flat” , “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” and “From Beirut to Jerusalem“. You can read the article … Continue reading

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SQL Server Code Name “Kilimanjaro” and “Project Madison” webcast

The new version of SQL server Code named “Kilimanjaro” is going to release in FY2010. Before that microsoft wants to give a brief introduction of the same. So they have created this webcast. You can download the webcast by registering … Continue reading

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Response files in C#

When you write any .NET application it will always add some of the assemblies by default. How will this happen? When I think about the probable answer I thought it might be GAC. But when I googled it I found … Continue reading

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