Table valued parameters in SQL Server 2008

In this article I will demonstrate how we can ultilise the new feature called table valued parameters in SQL Server 2008. These are great addition to the SQL sever 2008 that allows us to pass multiple rows of data to the stored procedure. In earlier versions we acheived this functionality by  converting the data into XML or calling the stored procedure mulitple times or by many different means. Lets see how this new feature works in SQL server 2008.



Basically what we have done here is as follows:

1.Created a table called Mobiles

2.Created a new type called MobileTable

3. Created a new stored procedure which accepts a parameter of type MobileTable and inserts records into the Mobiles table.

4.Executed the stored procedure

This  new feature will be a great benefit for the SQL server developers and client side developers working on ASP.NET or any other client interface where they can send the whole bunch of tables as parameters to the stored procedures without converting them into XML or any other client side modifications.  I hope this article helps you…

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