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No exports were found that match the constraint vs2012

I installed VS 2013 Express edition over the weekend and suddenly when I opened my VS 2012 I got this version. I got rid of this error by deleting the following folder. %AppData%\..\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\ComponentModelCache If you have a VS 2013 version … Continue reading

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Parameter passing in C#

Many people are confused on how parameters are passed as references specifically for reference types. Jon Skeet has a nice article which clearly explains the differences here. Same concepts explained with more pictures  here

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Update Panel within a Repeater Control

We all know Update Panels are used to make asynchronous post backs to server. But when we have some fairly sophisticated controls like GridView, Repeaters etc. the general tendency is to put these controls inside the update panel so on … Continue reading

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ChildrenasTriggers in UpdatePanel

Recently I was reading about the UpdatePanel and I came across a property called ChildrenAsTriggers. As you all know UpdatePanels has 2 types of triggers AsyncPostbackTrigger PostBackTrigger Both of these triggers cause a postback to server depending on the trigger … Continue reading

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Retrieving BinaryData from SQL Server 2008

Today in  my current project we are supposed to build an image from  Binary data stored in a SQL Server column. AS we know SQL Server allows us to store BLOB (Binary Large Objects) data. Here in our case the situation … Continue reading

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Resolving the concurrency conflicts in LINQ using Transactions

As we were discussing concurrency options in my previous articles here , we noted that updating the database with SubmitChanges could update a single record or any number of records (even across multiple tables). If we run into conflicts, we … Continue reading

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Handling Concurrency in LINQ to SQL -Part 3

In my earlier articles I showed how we can handle the concurrency using UpdateCheck. In this articles I will show how to deal with Concurrency Exceptions. In using the Always or WhenChanged options for UpdateCheck, it is inevitable that two users … Continue reading

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