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Native Code Generation Tool: NGen.exe

This tool compiles all of an assembly language into native CPU instructions and saves this file to a disk. At run time when the assembly is loaded, the CLR checks To see whether any precompiled version of the assembly exists, … Continue reading

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C# “is” and “as” operators

The is operator checks whether an object is compatible with a given type, and the result of the evaluation is a Boolean: true or false. The is operator will never throw an exception. The following code demonstrates:   Object o … Continue reading

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Over the Top

Over the Top This weekend after stopping several books in the middle I happen to came over with the Zig Ziglars new book “Over the Top”. This is the first time I am reading a book of this author. Initially … Continue reading

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“Namespaces” and “Assemblies” how they relate each other…………

Namespaces allow for the logical grouping of related types. For example System.Web.UI relates all the types related to the web. i.e it provides classes and interfaces that helps us in building ASP.NET server controls and ASP.NET web pages that form the … Continue reading

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